You have one life. Protect it.

While there is not one protective headgear in the world for any sport that can eliminate concussions, ForceField’s patented protective headgear design applies advanced technology to significantly reduce the severity of impact forces.

Dr. C.J. Abraham

Founder and CEO

Dr. C.J. Abraham, creator of ForceField Protective Headgear, has over 40 years of experience evaluating head and brain protection for every sport played in the U.S. and Europe. He has designed, developed, tested, and commercialized many products, one of which has essentially eliminated quadriplegic and paraplegic injury in young children playing football. Dr. Abraham is the patentee of many products, including a face mask used in football, licensed to Riddell. In addition, he has over 50 years of experience in polymers and has extensive testing experience in the absorption and dissipation of forces of every type of polymeric material used in headgear. Dr. Abraham was and continues to be a member of the ASTM committee that was responsible in the creation of headgear standards as well as re-approvals up through 2011; he also serves on the boards of and writes guidelines for the HECC and USA Hockey. Dr. Abraham is a Diplomate in the American Board of Forensic Examiners (Sports & Recreation Safety), and is regularly called as an expert witness on court cases involving human factors, safety, personal injury, and product liability. Further information about Dr. Abraham can be found at

40+ Years of Experience

Licensed ISO rep

OSHA Authority

ASTM Member Since 1964

Endorsed by Neurologists, Brain Injury Medical Specialists, Chiropractors, Athletic Directors, and Coaches of Contact Sports

“The ForceField FF Headband is the best innovation and contribution to the sport of soccer. The headband will reduce the risk of head injuries to both children and adults.”

— Dr. Raul Geller, Orthopedic Surgeon in Israel and Former International Soccer Star

“I have been recommending the ForceField FF Headband to all my teammates and to youth coaches. The Forcefield FF Headband has been shown to decrease the impact forces to the head for young and old soccer players.”

— Dr. Alan B. Ashare, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center of Boston

Proven Protection

Absorbs and dissipates up to 80% of the effective impact force for young children and over 50% for adults
Meets FIFA and ASTM standards, and is the only headband in the world certified as CEII protective headgear
Composed of Neoprene and patented impact-absorbing polymers for full 360° protection
Universal fit and velcro closure for secure and comfortable
size-adjustment system
Standards + CertificationsTestingImpact Protection DataProduct Details

Standards + Certifications


The only headband in the world that has met all of the stringent international requirements to be certified as CEII protective headgear throughout Europe and the Far East. Safety components in ForceField protective headgear perform as claimed, by reducing the severity of the impact by significantly absorbing and dissipating the force associated with the impact.


ASTM International tests were performed on ForceField headgear in accordance with the standard specification* for headgear used in soccer at an independent laboratory certified to test the headgear in accordance with ASTM F2439. The ForceField headgear passed all tests in accordance with the protocol set forth in the standard.

No headgear or other protective equipment can prevent all injuries, so headgear is not being suggested by anyone as a way to make soccer totally safe. Note the ASTM standard does not address head to ball impacts, rather head to hard surface impacts such as head to head, head to ground and head to post, which are believed to be the primary mechanism in most soccer concussions.

It should be noted that Dr. Abraham was and still is a member of the ASTM committee that was responsible in the creation of that standard and as well as the re-approvals up through 2011*.


ForceField Headgear complies with all of the regulations of FIFA and can be legally integrated into any game. In 2003, USSF and FIFA published a memorandum stating that headbands will be allowed as long as it is in compliance with Law 4: "A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player." ForceField Headgear is in compliance with FIFA Law 4, so it's not just in keeping with the spirit of the game, but also the rules.



We are the only headgear manufacturer in the world that publishes its test data illustrating the effective absorption and dissipation properties of the headgear when exposed to significant forces.

Tests were performed on our headgear in accordance with the standard specification* for headgear used in soccer at an independent laboratory certified to test the headgear in accordance with ASTM F2439. ForceField Headgear passed all tests in accordance with the protocol set forth in the standard.

In addition, the same tests and more rigorous testing were performed by independent laboratories in Europe. As a result of six months of independent testing, the ForceField FF Protective Headband/Headgear was awarded the CEII Mark, which designated the ForceField products as "Protective Headbands."

ForceField Headgear was also tested under the same rigid test conditions that a hockey helmet is tested. The test method used was ASTM F 1045 titled "Standard Performance Specification for Ice Hockey Helmets." In that test, the hockey helmet is a complete product containing a liner of shock absorbing material covered with a hard plastic shell which gives the helmet its form and helps spread out the initial impact over a larger area. No single impact can exceed 300Gs.

The velocity of the 41-inch drop was 4.48 meters per second. The results averaged 252.9Gs for the headband. ForceField Headgear passed the ASTM F 1045 test protocol. In comparison, a bare NIKE band did not have any noticeable effect in absorbing any impact of any significance.


Impact Protection Data

ForceField Headgear acts as both a sweatband and protective headband that significantly reduces the forces transmitted to the brain of a soccer player when subjected to impacts.

It’s important to note that the NFHS Sports Medicine Advisory Committee has concluded that while padded headbands may assist in reducing the incidence of abrasions, the risk of concussions and other serious head injuries will remain a concern in the sport of soccer. A headband is not a substitute for an appropriate post-injury recuperative period.

Dr. C.J. Abraham, creator of ForceField Headgear, believes that ForceField Headgear will do more than any other protection on the market place, as the risk of any serious head injury for young children is reduced significantly.


Product Details

ForceField Headgear is lightweight, ventilated and adjustable with an impact absorbing polymeric layer that wraps around the head, offering increased protection at crucial impact zones where many head impacts occur. It's all part of our patented design combining advanced technology without taking away any of the techniques involved in playing the sport of soccer; the ball always plays true as if it were coming directly from the head.

For optimum protection, place ForceField Headgear around the circumference of the forehead just like a sweatband and make sure it stays in that position during play.

PATENTS: US 6,675,395; US 6,978,487; US 7,234,174; US 6,272,692; 2008/03600 (South Africa); and PCT/US 2005/034267 (International-European)


  • – Significantly reduces the risk of head injuries when exposed to external forces
  • – Only protective headband that can be used inside protective helmets, including batter's helmet, bicycle helmet, hockey helmet, etc.
  • – Absorbs and dissipates impact
  • – Reversible
  • – Ventilated band absorbs perspiration
  • – Available in several high-impact colors
  • – Washable – clean with ordinary soap and water; hand wash only, air dry
  • – Dip in ice water and wear to cool off in hot weather

“Trendy looking. Did not have to twist my girls arms to wear them at all!”
— Sam Lafayette, Indiana
“I have absolutely NO doubt that his ForceField headband saved my son from a VERY serious concussion.”
— S.C. Long Beach, California
“I have been recommending the FF Headband to all my teammates and to youth coaches.”
— Alan Boston, Massachussetts